What We Do


One of the most fundamental needs is to have shelter. With the help of our donors and our 7 RUN staff, we rent a compound in Nankoma to house 45 children. Prior to 2014, the children all slept in one room, sharing beds with each other to minimize cost and space. Now, all 45 children have their own beds, spanning over 10 bedrooms to minimize the risk of the spread of illness. We also have a kitchen, living room, and plenty of backyard space in a soon-to-be fenced-off, safe environment for these kids to have fun!


We send all of our children to a local private school, with extra tutoring offered by our residential staff. Our oldest children are still in primary school (elementary and middle), and we are excited to see them start to graduate in the years to come.


Food and Water

40% of our budget goes straight to feeding 45 hungry children! For breakfast, the kids often eat maize porridge with popcorn. For lunch and dinner, the children usually eat rice or posho with beans. However, on the weekends and special occasions, we are able to purchase beef, sweet potato, and groundnut sauce with vegetables. The food we provide our children is not as nutritious as we would like, but this is the standard diet in many homes across Uganda. In addition, we partner with another nonprofit, Spouts, to get water filters so our children have access to clean water!

Full Time Support

It takes a village to raise a child, so imagine how many people it takes to raise 45 children! At RUN orphanage, we have 7 paid staff to take care of the children. These staff cook, clean, tutor, and supervise the children, ensuring that they have the resources they need to live happy, healthy childhoods. Beyond their amazing kindness to the children, the staff work for less than $2 a day to ensure that we maximize how much every donation helps the kids!


The team at RUN coordinates fundraisers throughout the year with local businesses in Cambridge, MA to raise money for the orphanage. Previously, we raised over $700 by partnering with Krispy Kreme in a donut sale. We have also held a weighlifting challenge, partnering with Zinneken's and Lizzy's Ice Cream, to raise over $300!


Each month, approximately a third of our kids face some form of illness, mostly fevers and colds. When these children need advanced medical attention, we send them to a local hospital clinic to be seen by a doctor. For preventive purposes, RUN also utilizes mosquito nets to prevent the incidence of malaria and has children spread out across multiple bedrooms to reduce crowding and spread of infection.


We organize trips for people interested in getting hands on experience with helping the children. Our volunteers come from all around the world, including the United States, Italy, Belgium, and Korea! Check out our Volunteer page for more information about how to get involved.

Every member of RUN's administrative staff in the United States and Korea volunteers to help these children. Because no member of our nonprofit team collects pay, we ensure that all of the money goes directly to running the orphanage!